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Laser after cataract surgery

During cataract surgery the “hazy” cataract is removed and a new plastic lens is inserted into the capsule.   Over a period of years, but occasionally within months the capsule itself becomes cloudy in about 20% of patients.  If your vision blurs, it is important that you consult your optician or ophthalmic surgeon, if a cloudy or wrinkled capsule is discovered, laser treatment would be recommended to restore vision.  

I have invested in an Ellex Super Q YAG laser to use at Goring Hall Hospital; this is the world’s best-selling YAG laser.  It is manufactured by an Australian company and maintained by Haag Streit which is a Swiss ophthalmology company with a world class reputation.   Using the laser a small targeted opening is made in the back of the capsule, the procedure is painless and only takes a few minutes, it is carried out in an outpatient clinic and patients should expect an improvement in vision within 24 hours.